Heartrending Pastor’s Anniversary Remembrance

E-mail received from Pastor Chris Becker on August 26, 2012 – (In Honor of my marriage to Dr. James A. Kennedy)/photos added by me “Hello Barb. Thanks so much for writing to me yesterday. Doing well here, although very, very busy. We as a…

Stripe or Solid?

What happens when stripe and solid meet? Take a man who is stable, steady, sturdy, sound and substantial. He is stalwart in character. He is consistently humble. He is as genuine as they come. He is filled with intelligence, diligence and honor. His heart…

HEADLINE…”Two old people fall into a forever love! Unbelievable story with an unbelievable ending!”

Why read this book?…Because there is nothing like it! How can you trust it is different from any other book of its kind on the market? Because this is a true love story, including original e-mail messages between a lonely woman who asks, “Who…