Stripe or Solid?

pouffy-mints_lWhat happens when stripe and solid meet?

Take a man who is stable, steady, sturdy, sound and substantial. He is stalwart in character. He is consistently humble. He is as genuine as they come. He is filled with intelligence, diligence and honor. His heart is dense with servanthood. He is an air force pilot, a top veterinarian, a professor and national speaker. One could say, “He is solid, Dude.”

Take a woman who is narrower than this solid man. Though she has some of the same qualities as the “solid”, she is streaked with other characteristics. She has different variegations. Her strokes are for children and horses. Her lines are shyness, peace, and also promptness to help.candy-cane-cookies-up-close_l She is distinctively marked with bionic hips and knees.



The solid and stripe are both lonely.

They are seeking.

They are praying.

They both have hope.



What happens when their foundation of love for God and love for each other unite?

candy-love_lThey are melded together to form one!

Who are they?

My Cowboy Knight, My Boaz by Barbara A. Kennedy

One Comment on “Stripe or Solid?”

  1. Only today have I come to know about you through Greg Rud’s F/B page. I’m resident of Kansas – Overland Park to be more specific. I like the little glimpse I have had of you book. I also have to surmise that anyone who can relate to who Boaz is sings from the same song-sheet as I do.

    Are you Kansas resident? Perhaps Colorado . . . in any case it could be Timbuktu but I just simply wanted to post, say hello and will look forward to getting a copy of your book?

    Thank you,

    Tom Windsor

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