Online Dating, The Eagles and The Real Camelot

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Excerpt from My Cowboy Knight, My Boaz p. 14-15:

“A Sampling of Dating Stories

I had many dates from many states. My first date was with a haughty airline pilot in a cashmere sweater and a shirt with monogrammed cuffs. He had horrible manners and didn’t offer me any of the bread and butter he gobbled down. He talked the whole time about how his ex-wife was not going to get any of his money. I just prayed silently for God to help my legs work to walk back out to my car.
Then there was the church employee who e-mailed me after our date, ‘You are so write for me.’
There was the desert cowboy who had giant holes under the arms of his dirty flannel shirt. The Wyoming cowboy surprised me after three wonderful days of horseback riding and horse auctions with a short statement: ‘I’m not ready for a relationship, and I don’t think we should see each other again.’
The funniest dates included the dentist with yellow teeth and the meter reader from out of town who, when it was time to pay for our dinner, said he left his wallet at home.
The most disappointing date was the biker who lied about his multiple marriages and job and almost got us killed going ninety miles per hour on his motorcycle on a mountain road and said he loved me.
The scariest date was the man who went for sex right away. When the tall parking lights eerily shined into his eyes, I named him the guy with the eyes of Satan. That was the immediate name that came to me, and I got out quickly.
The most dramatic date was the former NCIS agent who gave me some “skinny” on DC happenings and boasted of his love of guns and shooting and eating squirrels.
One of the most awkward dates was with a former pastor who was much shorter and chubbier than his online pictures. In addition, we clearly differed in our biblical beliefs.
The highlight date was the accountant who had a runny nose and carried a hankie with him to dab his snout. We were sitting on a bench up at Lake Dillon, Colorado, relishing the beautiful view. In the middle of my sentence he planted a giant, slobbery kiss on me, nostril drippings included.”stud colts nap, Mtn. trip 070
The recent death of Eagle band founder Glenn Frey reminded me of a date I didn’t mention in the book. I had a date with a former Eagles band member (acoustic guitar) I met on an online dating site. It was only one date but totally took me by surprise. While we were driving in his car he asked me, “What is your favorite movie?” I answered, “Camelot.” He then proceeded to sing the entire theme song from Camelot amazingly well. I was speechless it was so superb. This is the only time a man had ever sung to me.camelot castle
However, only ONE date will be the best in my entire life. My first meeting with Dr. Jim Kennedy. Something I will never forget-every minute, every word, every note he sung to me or played on his harmonica.

I had 6 months of “Camelot” with this man. They may have been only six months, but they will always be the best six months of my life. My Cowboy Knight, My Boaz.

May he be forever remembered and honored.Jim and Barb October 2011

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