The Lame Little Deer and it’s Lesson

Everyday, four does and their four babies come right by my front window on their “daily path” to check out my bird seed in feeders and on the ground. Bringing up the rear is one buck. There used to be either a young one…

Side by Side/Joy and Grief

True love can transport one to ecstasy. It can invade every cell. I had never known such a phenomenon until I met Jim Kennedy. We both were so full of joy we flaunted it. He nicknamed himself “Jovial Jim” on page 139 of My…

A Book for Animal and Romance Lovers

Many diverse groups will be satisfied reading such a book as My Cowboy Knight, My Boaz. Romance lovers and the veterinarian/animal science world (Jim Kennedy has a nationwide reputation) who may think it’s about medical stuff, but find it is a real-life love story…