Plowing On

J on Flyer, J on Rainey, ME on Rainey 013

It has been 2.5 years since “My Cowboy Knight, My Boaz,” Jim Kennedy, passed on. A time of grief convulsions, fighting not to slide into the grief pit, learning to take one hour, then one day, at a time, and ultimately to use the pain to somehow help others.

Attending and speaking at widow’s groups and participating in GriefShare have aided my healing tremendously. But volunteering at two horse ranches has uplifted me from the ever-present slippery slope of grief’s grasp.

skinny Boaz, Malachi, Flyer 020The Son and Reins Ranch, (www.thesonandreinsranch.yfc.net) an equine ministry for rescue horses and youth to experience peace, hope, healing and love has provided me a place to use my love of horses and wanting to help the hurting. Finding a horse named “Boaz” and working with him is nothing short of a miracle. To my surprise, they did their February, 2014 newsletter on how Boaz and I met (under “About Us”/News & Links/Blogs, Newsletters and Cool Links/ Newsletter, February, 2014).

CombatVeteransCombatUp (www.CombatVeteransCowboyUp.org) is an organization that uses horses to help hurting PTSD military veterans. It has astonishing healing powers for the vets as well as those helping.Rainey, herd session 028

Volunteering at these two ranches has given me purpose, hope and new loves.J on Flyer, J on Rainey, ME on Rainey 015Paint, hike,King-sx- 011

As Jim Kennedy would often say, “Plow to the end of the road” … I am plowing, Jim!!!J on Flyer, J on Rainey, ME on Rainey 046

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