BEST Love Letter EVER Written?

3I do believe this love letter could be the most superior love “communication” ever composed! Yes, ever! If you dare, be drawn into every word and it’s power and mental magnetism, and I believe you will agree. Barbara A. Kennedy

In honor of Dr. James A. Kennedy


“The First Love Letter”

p. 123 My Cowboy Knight, My Boaz (Sun Jul 31, 2011 6:11 PM)


“Dearest Barbara Ann

Jim and Barbara

Neither of us understands why we have become so attracted to each other. For me it started with a softly spoken word and a tenderly written phrase. From this small beginning, that small spark, a flame has been kindled, and now an all-consuming fire fills my heart and wrestles with my thoughts. Each moment of each day is filled with you, I read your words over and over and each time they bring me joy, they are filled with the beauty of you. I savor your fragrance, when I hold you close and breathe in that which is you all my body tingles with the passion I feel for you, and when we part the aroma lingers reminding me of the pleasure you have given me by just letting me be close to you, to hold you, to caress you, and to kiss you. The ecstasy racing through my body when our lips touch, and I feel your breath on my face sends shivers to my core, what this man has found in you is rare, it is more valuable than precious metals or gems, it is why God gave man a partner it is the essence of love, an intoxicating drug that simultaneously numbs and stimulates, it causes us to melt away into each others arms with open trust knowing that together we become one and nothing can come between what God has designed. I want to be with you forever, I want you at my side; I want to cross the bridge to Heaven holding your hand. I have never said these things to any woman before these are new experiences for me and I pray that you someday will feel the same surging passions that are running through my veins. There can be nothing wrong with how we feel it has been and continues to be God’s design, so lets take the path He has laid before us enjoy the journey and arrive in each arms at His Feet knowing through the journey that He is with us.

I Love You,




And this is still for me, as it was for Jim, all for the glory of God.


Jim and Barb October 2011

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