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muscle-posterior-labeled_lWhy would a man want to read a true love story? Because it’s about a top veterinarian, air force veteran and pilot? Because it could serve as a good marriage manual? Because it shares a true love affair with all the details? Here are a few reviews from MEN about My Cowboy Knight, My Boaz.

“Having been married three times, I wish I had read this book much sooner. There are a lot of emotions, expectations and hopes that build a lasting marriage, and I found I was solely focused on my own. I was the man of the house and the King of the castle. I would get what I wanted. Well you can see that didn’t work too well. Sometimes it was the right feelings but the wrong reasons. After reading this book I think I can better appreciate my wife’s needs and expectations and still maintain my manhood while showing romance and deep emotions. Read the book twice, much slower the second time, and feel the emotions of both. I think in doing so you will build your own understanding of both sides, and that is very important. If you have found your relationship becoming rocky or in troubled waters, this book is your lifeline. Use this book to write a new chapter in your romance.” (Daniel Carter, Youngstown, Ohio, 5 Star www.Amazon.com review).
[Facebook post by Daniel: “If you need a subject for your second book, “Marriage advice”; it would be another best seller.”]


“This book by Barbara Kennedy might have been penned by Cupid himself. It is so simple in it’s eloquence, the way it describes love between two people as if authored by Christ Himself. I am so impressed by the entire book from the emails, events and adventures experienced by this loving couple that it could only be written by someone who has had a true heavenly love affair. Buy the book, read the book and practice it’s content. Barbara Kennedy, in writing My Cowboy Knight, My Boaz, has set the bar for true and faithful marriages that are heavenly ordained. Barb, your life documented in your book will inspire others to stay the course and not waver in their faith. It mirrors our journey, too, and we thank you for penning it into words not knowing when it will end or how it will test your strength. Love … some people never find it!” (Robert L. Kerr, San Saba, Texas, 5 Star www.Amazon.com review).

“I have been reading this book, My Cowboy Knight, My Boaz by one of our trail mates, Barbara A. Kennedy. It is a love story, one that takes you to highest peaks and then takes you to it’s tragic conclusion. She is just a simple Nebraska girl who has been through a lot in life and it’s a great read and a very inspiring story … Show her some love and check out her page, buy her book, too! You can preview a lot of excerpts from the book and Facebook pages as well.”
(Greg Rud, Rural Routes by Greg Rud, Professional photographer, Lucas, Kansas). _____________________________________________________________________

go-2_l“I lost my beloved wife to cancer a year ago and thought that reading MY COWBOY KNIGHT, MY BOAZ, written by a wife who lost her beloved husband, might provide some insights for me. But the question I had was………would it be too mushy? Well, I found that a fair portion of the book is emails back and forth, which provide some very interesting perspectives. The “Cowboy Knight” had a very unique writing style, and conveys many interesting thoughts based on their strong Christian faith. I found that many times I had to re-read and re-read again a paragraph, or just a few lines, as they were so very thought provoking. I highly recommend the book to all the men who are wondering if it would be of interest and value to them.” (James Nussbaum, Aurora, Colorado, 5 Star www.Amazon.com review).

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  1. I love that the guys get it as well. Barb your book is and should be the first of more to come? Love you

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